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"Excellent work! Thank you for understanding our unique business and tailoring the discussion."
Workshop attendee

The CONNECTED Advisor Practice Management Systems center on finding the one-degree of change in a practice that takes it from good to extraordinary. The key to success is focusing on retaing top clients time and gaining referrals. This success starts with a focused business/life plan for a road map and adding key technology and practice management strategies including:
•  Branding a practice with “Platinum” service levels - justify your fees
•  Connecting at different levels with top clients
•  Systemitizing client referrals through LinkedIn and social media


Why Us?
A Focused Approach
The CONNECTED Advisor: 8-Steps to Building Your Extraordinary Practice takes a focused approach to your business. The 8-Steps can be combined for live sessions (in-person and virutally), webinar workhsops and speaking engagements. Each topic includes the tools and templates for the “How To Do It” action steps for implementation. 
We offer a three-step approach for firms and advisors:
•  Practice Management Assessment Tool - evaluates the needs around the 8-steps.
•  Training Delivery  – training through workshops, keynote speeches, virtual sessions and webinars.
•  Digital Reinforcement - The CONNECTION tips includes advisor success stories.

Results Driven
Our “How To Do It” action steps and tools bring results to integrate technology for client communications, streamline processes, increase profitability, and lock-in top clients. 

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